Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Meeghan Holaway is one of the most courageous actors I know. To illustrate just how courageous, here's a quiz: I first met Meeghan Holaway:

A) Backstage at New York's Variety Arts Theater.
B) One-half hour before she was to go on in front of a full house.
C) Making her New York stage debut.
D) In a role she had never performed in front of any audience, anywhere.
E) Playing my wife in Dinner With Friends.
F) All of the above.

You guessed it. The correct answer is F — All of the above. And she was fantastic. It was an experience neither of us will ever forget, and a true lesson in how to be present, pay attention, and be in the moment. As terrifying as this experience was, however, Meeghan says she is not sure whether it was quite as scary as the time "I had to wear a stork suit to a baby shower and sing 'You must have been a beautiful baby' to the pregnant chick!"

In addition to her succes on stage, Meeghan also has extensive television credits. You can catch her now in her recurring role as attorney Amanda Burke on ABC Family's Switched at Birth. Other television credits include Everybody Loves Raymond, Law & Order, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, and Private Practice, among others.

A working actor and an accomplished acting teacher in her own right, Meeghan continues to study and to hone her craft. In her words "I keep trying to be a better actor today than I was yesterday. Matthew's acting class requires me to expand as an actor without being indulgent. He is a terrific teacher because he has great reverence for acting as an art form, but never forgets that it's a business for the actor as well." And on her debut at New York's Variety Arts Theatre, "more exciting than riding a roller coaster at Six Flags, especially when you have to do a love scene in front of 500 people with a man you met only one hour ago."

For more information on Meeghan, check out her IMDB listing.

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