Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HAITI REMEMBERED: An Actor Gives Back By Stepping Behind The Lens.

"There is more to Haiti than rubble, although that's rarely portrayed in the media," says Kendra Waldman, actor, entrepreneur and humanitarian. An avid photographer, Kendra visited Haiti shortly before the devastating earthquake that left more than 230,000 dead, and by some estimates, closer to half a million. Realizing that she had a recent record of the natural beauty, culture, and spirit of Haiti, all of which will rise again with time, hope and help, Kendra decided to do what she could to contribute to that cause.

Kendra Waldman
Actor and Photographer

Haiti As It Was is Kendra's photographic portrait of Haiti, which she calls "a charming country, a place of serenity, and a place you, too, will want to visit." To view images from the book, to learn more about Kendra, or to make a purchase, click on this link. All profits are donated to relief efforts for Haiti and, in Kendra's words, "to their undeniable resilience, the pristine beaches, the mesmerizing waterfalls, and the simple Haitian spirit that stands alone."

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