Saturday, April 9, 2011


Choreographer Trey McIntyre founded the acclaimed Trey McIntyre Project in 2008, and has been called "one of ballet's most surprising talents" by The New York Times. Watch this amazing video interview with him, as he discusses his creation "The Sweeter End," and gives a unique expression to the role that an artist's suffering plays in the creative process:

"The most challenging thing has been, because of the subject matter, knowing fully well that it's going to bring up for me painful things, it's been the realization that that's just part of it, and that's actually something that I'm good at, that I can bring my own suffering to the process, and it doesn't have to be something I have to get past.  I'm actually good at living with that, and sharing that as part of the work that I'm making, and, you know, that's what I always respond to in other artists: When they share with you their authentic suffering, they're channeling the suffering of the person that they're portraying, but they're mostly showing you their own, and if they're doing it well, they're really feeling that, and that's not necessarily the most pleasant thing, but it's actually really wonderful to be able to bare that enough to bring it out and to share that with other people."

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